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Mark your calendar to register for 4MAT Trainer Certification  in Chicago area. The next Trainer Certification is November 9th - 12th, 2015. 

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Last year I had no idea what I was doing and I pretty much failed every test and quiz. This year I haven't failed a single test or quiz, so I'm happy we began learning Algebra in this exciting new way.

-Brittney R., 10th Grade Student




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Improving the Way Students Learn

Students learn in different ways. And while some of those ways are rewarded, others are stifled or even punished. Which is why there is 4MAT—A proven framework for addressing student learning differences in the classroom.

4MAT is one of the most practical and time tested teaching methods in the world with a 36 year history of performance. 4MAT was created in 1979 by Dr. Bernice McCarthy, an award winning teacher with over 30 years of classroom teaching experience. Her goal—to give teachers a practical and effective process for reaching out to more students more often. Especially those who seem to struggle the most through traditional instruction.

4MAT helps address the differences in how students learn. It encourages teachers to move beyond traditional methods to incorporate more innovative and engaging ways of communicating. A mounting body of evidence shows that traditional instruction is just not effective for motivating and inspiring students to learn. Or for ensuring high levels of knowledge transfer. When teachers learn the 4MAT process and incorporate these added elements, they are often surprised by the results.

Since 4MAT is a learning framework for learning, it applies to any subject, content or grade level. So, we invite you to explore the possibilities and to learn more about how to become trained.

We offer self paced training, online training and on-site training to educational organizations throughout the world who are working to improve the impact of instruction.

We have programs for teachers, students, educational administrators, Universities and for Corporate Training and Development Professionals through 4MAT 4Business.

Please call to learn more about our training programs and products.