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Raising Student Motivation and Engagement

4MAT is an instructional framework for improving learning and is used by many leading organizations throughout the world, including Samsung Electronics, Aveda Corporation and the Center for Creative Leadership.

The 4MAT 10- step Design Recipe is a step by step guide we created to help teachers construct high impact learning experiences. Here is just one crucial step in the 4MAT 10-Step Design recipe (Step 6). 


In step 6 of the 4MAT design recipe, we provide guidelines on how to create the initial connect activity that is found in every single 4MAT Design.

Why is this step so important?

New research from the Gates Foundation (Measures of Effective Teaching) points to the high level of importance of this most crucial step in learning, which is the place in the learning cycle where students come to experience the value of learning. 


The Gates Research looked at student responses to key questions relating to Quadrant 1 of 4MAT. The top 25% of teachers are shown in the second column, while the bottom 25% are shown on the left. Top performing teachers score higher on measures of student captivation and or engagement and on their ability to confer with students to tap into their unique ideas and viewpoints.  The 4MAT Model places a strong emphasis on this in its 10-step design recipe.

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