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4MAT Scaling Criteria: Assessing Each Step in the 4MAT Natural Learning Cycle.


When teachers or trainers attend 4MAT Training, they must assess each step of their 4MAT Wheel to ensure it is well designed and true to the 4MAT Design Methodology. So we ask aspiring teacher to rate each step from 1 to 3, with 1 being acceptable and 3 being exemplary.

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The goal in Quadrant 1 is to motivate students and create personal meaning that helps people see the value of learning. 

We call this the 4MAT SCALING CRITERIA, and here is the criteria for the Quadrant One Steps of 4MAT where the goal is to create a reason for learning and to answer the question Why?

Quadrant One help peoples people see the VALUE of learning prior to moving to teaching the content and is a most crucial step in the 4MAT Design Methodology.

GOAL: To Create an Experience that Relates

Quadrant One Right (1R): CONNECT

1 is acceptable and 3 is exemplary

1 The activity connects learners to the concept in a personal way and directly relates to the concept. There is a meaningful exchange among learners regarding their experience with the activity.
2 The activity goes to the heart. Learners have an emotional connect between the activity and their own past experiences. This connect is a deep and rich one.
3 The activity has high personal growth potential. The connection creates a high need to further explore the learning.

Quadrant One Left (1L): ATTEND

1 This activity is well linked to 1R. Feelings about the activity experience are shared.
2 Learners further explore stated feeling: listing commonalties from diverse experiences, patterning, and possibly prioritizing.
3 Small group cooperative learning activities where learners analyze their collective experiences and come to some conclusion about the commonalties.