Guidelines for Managing with the 4MAT Learning Cycle

4MAT is a proven system for building more successful learning environments, and as a meta-model it applies in a variety of contexts.

And while it is often used in teaching or training, it is equally useful as a tool for improving communications, management methods or leadership practices within an organization or group.


The goal is to help managers use more diverse and inclusive methods to learning to encourage greater participation and involvement among those who are vested in learning.

To see how well you are managing around the 4MAT Learning Cycle, we invite you to download this free Handout that is excerpted from our 4-Day 4MAT Leadership Program. This activity was designed to help managers reflect on how well they were integrating 4MAT into their own practice.

Managers Checklist for Moving through the 4MAT Learning Cycle.

Let us know how well you are integrating the principles of inclusive learning (4MAT) into your current management methods.