About Learning at Work: 4MAT and the Learning Organization

In the following months we will be posting mini blogs to discuss the values found in using 4MAT for corporate learning. Subsequent ones will focus on the gifts and skills of each of the four quadrants and the enrichments achieved through 4MAT understandings and use.

The earliest users of the 4MAT Model perceived what a difference cycle knowing could make for learners everywhere. We wondered together if this kind of Cycle knowing could make a real difference in students’ lives, why not in business and corporate learners?

Could learning how to learn bring discipline, balance and perhaps transformation to an organization? In our research a profile of the learning organization emerged, problem solving, decision making, team building a continuing renewal by going through the cycle, from meaning to structure, to operations, and new adapted understandings.

One of our first corporate clients reported:

“From our organizational structure,
to the formation of a project team,
to the planning for a meeting,
to the everyday dialogue,
we experience the value of differences.
4MAT has helped us to accomplish this.
We have woven an organizational fabric that has a rich texture, with diversity proving
to be amazingly strong and resilient.”
—Randall Murphy, founder of Acclivus

In the 4MAT Framework of balance and wholes,
There is a real community in which a common vision is shared,
There is a defined and agreed-upon structure that is congruent with the vision,
Methods that honor the vision are in place to accomplish and monitor goals,
Refocusing procedures are in place for continued stretching the possible boundaries.