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Moving Beyond Student Learning Diffferences with Diverse Teaching Methods

Tuesday, August 17, from 1-2:00 pm Central Standard Time

As teachers or trainers work to design learning experiences that account for the full range of student learning needs, we ask them to consider 3 key factors: 

  • Student Learning Differences—The profoundly different ways in which students learn, 
  • Teaching Preferences, and how they may impact student learning
  • Stretching strategies for taking a growth-oriented approach to teaching

This free About Learning webinar will journey through these three crucial factors to help teachers create more engaging and inclusive teaching methods 

In Moving Beyond Learner Differences, we will review the 4MAT Model of Learning and provide an overview of the different strategies that teachers employ around the 4MAT Cycle. Some of the more under-utilized approaches will be covered and how these can help transform student learning.  And finally, we will provide an overview of the key teaching strategies that you might see as you progress through the 4 Quadrants of Learning

Moving Beyond Student Learning Differences With Diverse Teaching Methods
    DATE:   Tuesday, August 17th
    TIME:    1:00-2:00 PM CST

Our goal in this session is to help empower educators to design instruction that accounts for the different ways people learn.