The most important skill for the 21st Century Learner

This excerpt from a LinkedIn post By Brad Smith, the former CEO of Intuit, speaks volumes for the importance of creating a strong culture of learning.

“I’m often asked what skill, experience or attribute I find most important in today’s fast-changing environment. Looking back, it has become clear that one skill stands the test of time, and I believe will be increasingly in-demand as we push ahead in the 21st Century.  That skill is agility.

Here is a great excerpt from his post.

Agility is defined as the ability and willingness to learn from experience, and then apply that learning to perform successfully under new situations.  It is a combination of “act” and “react,” with the velocity of learning being as important as the accuracy of outcomes. As the adage reminds us – it is not “the big that eat the small, it is the fast that eat the slow.”

I have found three particular leadership actions useful for fostering the mindset and capability to optimize for agility:

1.     Create a culture of experimentation

2.     Celebrate learning from the best wheelmakers

3.     Carefully choose how you measure success”

You can read his full post here.

The 4MAT Model is a powerful tool for creating a most positive culture for learning and for designing learning that has greater impact and more positive outcomes.