Take the Online LTM for a Test Drive

Take the Online Learning Type Measure (LTM) for a Test Drive

Multi-ethnic group of young people studying together on white deskAbout Learning is pleased to offer a Pilot Program for qualified educational institutions that are considering the use of the Online LTM as an educational resource for its students.

Here is what the pilot program* includes:

  • Access to 20-30 online assessments for access and use by the pilot student group.
  • A student evaluation survey to assist in evaluating the impact of the program.
  • Administrator Access to the underlying curriculum and Support Guides that accompany the use of this program, including the 4MAT 4 College Course, and the 4MAT Study Skills Series.
  • An Administrative Reporting Web Portal for Tracking the Results and for facilitating the use of these assessment tools among the pilot population.
  • A 1-Page Tutorial Guide on how students can access and take the test that is made available to students via a Web Link.

Upon completion of the pilot, About Learning will create a summary report to document the composition of the group in terms of Most, Second Most, Third Most and Least Preferred Approach to learning. This report will then be shared with the the On-Site Administrator that is established by the host organization along with other resources on how to best these resources most effectively. 

About Learning will also provide a 15% discount on the cost of these assessments for all students involved in piloting the use of this assessment tool.

*This pilot program only applies to individuals or organizations that are not currently customers of About Learning, Inc.

Want to Learn More:

Call About Learning at (800) 822-4MAT if you would like to participate in this program. 

About Learning, Inc.  •  441 W Bonner Road  •  Wauconda, IL  60084