4MAT Resources for Higher Education

Multi-ethnic group of college students taking a selfieIt takes more than a good selfie to gain an accurate picture of students and how and why they learn.

You need proven tools and resources for examining individual approaches to learning and how they are best served.

About Learning has a host of resources for helping college teachers and educators improve the student learning experience, through a meta-cognitive approach that helps students reflect on the process that they are using to learn.

New research from Stanford University reveals the positive impact that Meta-Cognition has on student learning results. This research shows that when students reflect on the process of learning it helps them achieve very positive results.

The assessment tools that students take to learn more about how they learn is called the Learning Type Measure — a self-assessment of student learning preferences and how this relates to the broader process of learning. These assessment tools help students examine their preferences and how they relate to the broader process of learning. Many colleges and community colleges are already using these tools to help improve the student learning experience.

LtmPhotoThe Learning Type Measure (LTM) from About Learning

The LTM is a powerful tool for assessing the different ways people learn. It gives students a statistically accurate and validated view of how they approach the process of learning. This assessment is available in both printed and online versions.

The profile is displayed in a 4-quadrant grid, and reveals a student’s most, second most and least preferred approach to learning. It also provides suggestions and stretching exercises for developing a fuller range of learning skills.

It’s designed to help instructors, teachers, learning leaders or trainers…

• map out strategies for improving individual potential

• motivate learners with strategies crafted to their unique style

• identify situations in which different people function most effectively, and

• profile the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

Learn how to take this assessment online. 

4matModel4ColorNot just about Students but Teachers as Well

And while it is essential for students to reflect on the process they go through when learning, it is equally important for teachers to design teaching that appeals to the full range of student learning needs.

The 4MAT Cycle of Learning is a system for helping teachers create more dynamic teaching. It gives teachers a framework for addressing student learning differences while designing instruction that engages all students in the learning process.

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Colleges, Universities and Community Colleges that are Using the Learning Type Measure

As a college, we attract students who learn differently. Many come from the traditional university model where a three hour lecture does not work for them. When our students take the LTM, they gain great insight into how they learn. This insight is very empowering for them as they realize their learning preference strengths and how they learn best.”

Sheridan College, Pilon School of Business

Universities that have used the LTM for research

  • University of Minnesotta, MN
  • Boise State University, ID
  • Sheridan College, Canada
  • Central Connecticut State University, CT
  • Long Beach City College, CA
  • NC State University, NC
  • Weber State University, UT

Universities that have used the LTM with their students

Carroll Community College

Central Connecticut State University, CT

Church Resource Ministries

Columbia College,  Chicago, IL

Concordia University, Seattle, WA

Doane College, NE

Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KU

Hamline University, MN

Humber College, Canada

Ivy Tech Community College, IN

Long Beach City College, CA

Metropolitan State University, St. Paul. MN

Mid American Nazarene University, MN

Nyack College, Bronx, NY

Pentecostal Theological Seminary, TN

Sam Houston State University,  TX

Southeastern Louisiana University, LA

University of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM

University of Scranton, PA

University of Scranton, Scranton, PA

University of Virginia, School of Education, Charlottesville, VA

University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI

Volunteer State Community College

Western Piedmont Community College

Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL

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