4MAT on the Go Training

4MAT On the Go Training, a self-paced course that teaches people to use the 4MAT Framework to create high impact teaching and learning. 4MAT On-The-Go is the ideal way for a busy teacher or instructor to master the fine art of effective instruction.

So, how exactly does it work?

This course adheres to even the most challenging work schedules and uses the latest technology tools to facilitate learning. After registering, you’ll gain immediate access to a web site that includes 7 video lectures, a 150 page Workbook, step by step guidance in how to move through the course, and an interactive blog page for posting and sharing our comments. We couldn’t make it any easier to master the principles and methods of 4MAT.

4MAT On The Go includes a full range of resources for helping you master the principles and process of 4MAT, including:

  • An Interactive and Self-Guided Web Site for Tracking progress through the course
  • A 175 -Page CourseBook with course readings, practice exercises and worksheets
  • 3 online assessments for exploring your teaching and learning preferences                    
  • Seven 45-minute Instructional videos for learning the key principles of the 4MAT Design Method              
  • 1-year access to more video tutorials on how to improve teaching and learning around the 4MAT Cycle.   
  • A personal blog page for posting and sharing your comments                                          
  • Session by Session End of Course Surveys for Testing your Mastery of Key 4MAT Principles and Concepts 
  • Online tutoring in final 4MAT Wheel design from master 4MAT Teachers and Trainers

Participants also gain access to 4MATON Design Software for creating 4MAT Online Wheel

4MAT on the Go includes 7 Training Modules…  

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.52.29 PM•  Learning Diversity                                                                                         
  Brain Based Teaching Strategies                                                              
•  Teaching Around the 4MAT Cycle                                                             
• Teaching From Concepts                                                                           
 • Adding Multiple Assessment                                                                     
• Creating an Original 4MAT Design                                                           
• Online Lesson Development and Sharing

Assessments at the end of each course module, test your knowledge and mastery of the key concepts and principles.

Graduate or CEU Credit Available

4MAT On The Go Training is accredited by Adams State University so CEU and or or Graduate Credit Hours are available to individuals completing this online training session.

Want to Learn More?

The cost of this training for a single individual is $349. Order Now


Group discounts are available for groups of 4 or more. Call us at (800) 822-4MAT to learn more.