4MAT Advanced Trainer Certification

As a Certified 4MAT Trainer, you’ll enter a new realm of professional development…

Because you’ll command the ability to develop the single most important asset in education today; a steady crop of outstanding teachers.

Experience one of the most practical and effective teacher training programs in education. With a proven model for designing more dynamic teaching and learning.

4MAT Advanced Trainer Certification qualifies you to teach one of the most powerful and effective training programs in the world. It will transform the way you think about teaching and learning. And make you a master of teaching people the fine art of effective instruction.

You’ll gain the skills and certification to conduct 4MAT Training within your own organization. And the support network to help your teachers flourish.

Next Session in Chicago is from July 27 to July 31, 2020

“The 4MAT model of teaching expanded our capacities to teach outside of our learning styles, thus increasing our ability to reach a wider variety of student learning styles and ultimately deepen the learning experience for all of our students. Not unlike the process of spackling when preparing a surface for painting, 4MAT has enabled us to repair the “holes” and “cracks” in our teaching.”

Joan Nicolle Senft, Professor at Connecticut State University, College Teaching, 58: 19-27, 2010. Vol 80, No 7, July, 2005.

“Overall, their was high praise for the new format. Student’s commended the student centered approach, the substantial student involvement and engagement and the heavy emphasis on application of learning.”     

Pauline Butler – Coordinator, Diploma of VET Practice, Gordon TAFE

“As Course Director, I was astounded by the student’s initiative in their own learning and the breadth and depth of class discussion.”    

Amy Nowacki, The Cleveland Clinic

Developing Key Competencies

In 4MAT Advanced Trainer Certification, you’ll gain access to a series of turnkey workshops you can conduct internally.

Topics include:

  • Expanding student assessment methods                                                    
  • Using 4MAT to improve curriculum design
  • Instructional Leadership 
  • 4MAT 4 College: A Course for Increasing Student Success in Learning
  • 4MAT 4 Leadership: Using 4MAT to manage and lead a diverse staff
  • Using the principles of learning to create a more dynamic learning community

Build Your In-House Expertise

Coaching and mentoring teachers in the use of 4MAT is the single most critical feature of program success. As a Certified 4MAT Trainer, you’ll learn to coach and develop your staff to new levels of instructional performance.

What You’ll Receive

Your Tuition Includes a full range of 4MAT Presenter Guides and Materials

  • Presentation Guides for teaching 4MAT Basic Training, 4MAT Assessment Training, 4MAT 4 College, 4MAT Coaching Sessions and 4MAT Technology Training            
  • 4MAT Training Slides and PowerPoint Shows                                          
  • Learning Type Measure Presenters Kit                                                       
  • 4MAT Research Guide on CD
  • 4MAT Quadrant Handbook                                                                            
  • Full Array of 4MAT Instruments and Assessment Tools, including the Learning Type Measure, Hemispheric Mode Indicator, Leadership Behavior Inventory and Teaching Style Inventory            
  • Participant CourseBooks for all major 4MAT courses and delivery methods

Special Note: All Slide shows and Presentation Guides are provided on a flash drive for easy storage and retrieval.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about what topics are covered in 4MAT Trainer Certification. Download our Training Registration Form. Or to sign up using the About Learning shopping cart, please reserve your spot at this training on-line. And if you register and pay before May 30th, you’ll receive $100 off the tuition.

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Things to Do Nearby or in Downtown Chicago

Some very nice local attractions include: 

Deer park shopping mall   http://www.shopdeerparktowncenter.com/

Woodfield Shopping Mall    http://www.simon.com/mall/woodfield-mall

And of course Downtown Chicago    http://www.choosechicago.com

One of our favorite spots in Chicago is Millennium Park.


Hope this information helps!

We are very much looking forward to having you attend 4MAT Advanced Trainer Certification in Chicago!

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