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About Learning is a premier provider of educational materials and training that deals with how people learn. We offer 4MAT, a transformative process for improving the quality of teaching and learning in any educational setting. 

Our mission: “To give every student the opportunity to learn by empowering teachers to create instruction that accounts for the different ways people learn.”

4matModelForWebSite4MAT is one of the most widely used instructional design systems in the world.  Our goal is to help organizations optimize their educational and training efforts by expanding their approaches to teaching and learning and to make them more accessible to diverse groups. 

Our clients include:

The National Institute of Corrections, The Peace Corps, Aveda Corporation, Merck, The US Navy, The Hawaii Department of Education and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Here is what these organizations have to say about the 4MAT Model.

“Through 4MAT, we now have a common language for the communication and delivery of information. It deepens our ability to connect important information to our students and make learning more  meaningful.  Understanding how people learn has transformed the way we teach – and that has made all the difference.” 

Virginia Meyer, VP Education, Aveda Corporation

“All twenty-four people who attended the first 4MAT training session are now disciples of this methodology.”

David Horth, Program Designer,  Center for Creative Leadership

“The afternoon dedicated to 4MAT System was extremely well done, prepared and interactive. Very good and handy tool to have in our daily working life.”

Samsung Electronics, Seoul, South Korea

“4MAT gives people new understanding of how they learn. It helps them value differences in others, communicate more successfully and work more effectively as a team.”

Karin Albert, Educational Research and Design Leader, Granite Construction Company

Extensive articles, research and action research studies have documented the positive impact of this model.  Request our Free 4MAT Research Guide to learn more about the impact of this model in a wide range of educational settings.

Our corporate Division—4MAT 4Business—works with corporations throughout the US and Canada to help them improve their training and development programs.

Some Current Projects

Hawaii Department of Education

• Aveda Corporation

• Samsung Electronics

• The Bureau of Land Management

Qassim University

Truckee Meadows Community College

• National Institute of Corrections

• Southern Union of Seventh Day Adventist Schools (Seventh Day Adventist Schools maintain one of the largest private school networks in the country)

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