4MAT Overview

4MAT is a model for creating more dynamic and engaging learning.  It is a framework for learning that helps educators deliver information in more dynamic and engaging ways.
4matModel312kWhile traditional instruction may focus primarily on facts and Information (What?) the 4MAT model encourages a broader array of questions to elicit much higher levels of student understanding and involvement.

For example, it begins with a Connect Activity to engage students in learning and to help them see the value of learning. This must draw on their own experiences to create the personal connection that is so essential to student motivation and engagement.

The teacher’s roles will change as they move through the 4MAT Learning Cycle. They are more active in the first two quadrants of learning as the goal is to engage students in dialog and discussion. But the TeachersRolesLoReslearner takes over in the last two quadrants, where they must apply learning in real life situations or contexts.

Want to Learn More?

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Or download some recent articles and research  that show the positive impact of this teaching method.

4MAT impact among 8th grade students in Turkey.

Article on 4MAT impact from Cleveland Clinic.

Article on 4MAT impact from Harvard Medical School.

Article on 4MAT impact on Student attitudes toward Engineering Economy among undergraduate students at Qassim University.

Article on 4MAT impact among At-Risk Youth in North Carolina

Abstract on 4MAT impact from Yonkers Public Schools, New York.

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