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Contact us >> Email us your questions and we will get back to you immediately with an answer. Or call us toll free at (800) 822-4MAT if you want an immediate answer. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Team


Bernice McCarthy

Bernice is the Chief Innovation Officer and founder of About Learning, Inc.

Michael Mc

Michael McCarthy

Michael is the Director of About Learning, Inc.


Mary Piekarski

Mary is Office Manager and client support for About Learning.

About Learning is an educational training and publishing firm that works with organizations throughout the world on how to create high performance learning. We offer 4MAT, a transformative process for improving the quality of teaching and learning in any educational setting. Our corporate Division—4MAT 4Business—works with corporations throughout the US and Canada to help them improve their training and development programs.

Please call us toll free at (800) 822-4MAT to learn more about how to improve teaching and learning within your organization.

4MAT Licensing Groups and Partners

Special Note: All 4MAT Licensing Partners have been through extensive training and development on how to deliver 4MAT Training Programs of the utmost quality. As such, they are fully Certified by About Learning, Inc. to deliver the full range of 4MAT Training Courses and to represent and consult on the proper training and or implementation of 4MAT in their respective regions and or areas of expertise.

So, we encourage you to reach out to any of our partners to discuss your specific training and or development needs.

Jeanine O’Neill BlackwellJeaninePhoto

Master 4MAT Licensee in US and Canada for 4MAT Corporate Training

Company: 4MAT 4Business

4MAT 4Business Web Site

322 Courthouse Alley
Covington, LA 70433

toll free: 866.888.4MAT
local: 985.867.5600
fax: 985.893.1327

Key Clients:

• Aveda Corporation   • Center for Creative Leadership

Melinda Zanetich

Master MelindaZanetichPhoto4MAT License in Australia and New Zealand for 4MAT Educational and Corporate Training.

Company: 4MAT Australia

4MAT Australia Web Site.


Key Clients:

• Dattner Grant   •

Hanne Houbak

Master 4MAT Licensee in Denmark, Norway and Germany

Company: 4MAT Group A/SHanneHoubak



CEO and Trainer Hanne Houbak
Mobile: +45 4040 3211


Master 4MAT Licensee in Europe

4MAT Europe Key Clients

• Grundfos   • Vestas •  Danfoss • Danish Crown •  Lundbech  • Coach Team • Stibo Systems • Arla • Velux • Jack & Jones

 John Sung- Master 4MAT Licensee in Seoul, South Korea 


Company: PaulnMark

PaulNMark Web Site.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 7.57.14 AM

Key Clients:

• Samsung Electronics • Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Carlos Ortiz – Master 4MAT LicenseeScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 7.50.32 AM.jpg

in Mexico and Latin America.

Company: Human Capital


Human Capital International Web Site

Key Clients:

• ITESM • LaLa Link

Devan Naicker – Master 4MAT Licensee

in South Africa.

Company: Intelliskills Consulting

Key Clients:

Ravi Sandurum – Master 4MAT Licensee in India

Company: Mercuri International

Mercuri International India Web Site

Key Clients:

Klauss Voss – Master 4MAT Licensee in Switzerland.

Company: Trainco   Trainco Web site.

4MAT Trainers and Consultants

Special Note: All 4MAT Consultants have been trained to deliver the full suite of 4MAT Training Courses or program and are Certified by About Learning, Inc. to deliver and consult on the proper use of the 4MAT Model. 

So, we encourage you to reach out to our officially certified 4MAT Trainers to discuss your training or professional development needs.

Robert Schmitt – Florida

BobPhotoAbout Learning is pleased to welcome Dr. Bob Schmitt to its list of Certified 4MAT Consultants throughout the country. Robert Schmitt is the former Director of Staff Development and Technology Integration for Horseheads Central School District in Horseheads, NY. 

As Staff Development Director, Bob worked with teachers throughout the district to design more dynamic and inclusive approaches to instruction. In 2000, Bob completed his doctoral dissertation on 4MAT that focused on implementing staff development practices that result in more positive outcomes or both teachers and students.

Bob, now living in Florida, consults with schools throughout the country to help them expand instructional approaches to reach out to more student. In addition to 4MAT Training, Bob does training on Cooperative Learning, Block Scheduling and Teaching for higher level thinking. Prior to becoming a consultant, Bob gained extensive background in education by serving as  a high  school  teacher  for  14 years and a Staff Trainer and Administrator for 18 years.

Bob has also done extensive training on the new 4MAT 4 Algebra Program—an exciting offering from  About Learning that employs a

more learner centered approach to Algebra Instruction.

Eugene Brewer – Florida

Joe Salloum-  Dubai

Maggie Georgopoulous

John Sung

Paul Choi

Hanne Houbak

Neils Houbak

Klauss Voss

Devan Naicker

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