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2 New Presentations from Dr. Bernice McCarthy on the 15 Minutes to Change the World Broadcast that was held in Seoul, South Korea.

Here is the presentation Dr. McCarthy made to Corporate Training and Development Professionals.


And here is the presentation Dr. McCarthy made to Educational Professionals.


Introducing the 4MAT 2018 Research Guide, a free resource from About Learning. 

As more educators and trainees embrace the 4MAT Model of Learning, they seek research that proves its effectiveness and The 4MAT 2018 Research Guide helps fill that expanding need. This books includes 3 sections, including…

An Historical Perspective of 4MAT

This first section features the primary research theories and educational philosophies of those who form the base of the 4MAT Model. The work and insights of the researchers listed here have inspired the foundation of 4MAT regarding the nature of learning: The making of meaning, in a learner-centered, experiential cycle, through ordering and constructing knowledge of understandings not yet known, by naming experience in dialogue from individual internal frames of reference in a social process based on sharing power.

An Overview of The 4MAT Model

The Model is described with the details of the eight steps.

The Latest Research and Studies on the Impact of the 4MAT Model

The final section is a compilation of some of the research from our first studies of 4MAT in 1985 to the present. These include some of the latest work being done in Saudi Arabia, Ankara University, Thailand and the School of Pedagogical Sciences at Mahatma Gandhi University. These were chosen as a cross-section of a typical sample from a much larger group.


4MAT 2018 Research Guide


About Learning hosts 4MAT Trainer Certification in Chicago this November.

About Learning is hosting a 4-Day 4MAT Train the Trainer in Chicago from Nov 6-10th.  This session is being presented by Dr. Bernice McCarthy.

Please learn more on our 4MAT Trainer Certification Training Page.

Or download our training flyer to learn more!

About Learning hosts 4MAT 690 Online Training. Next Course Begins Sept 12th from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm CST. 

4MAT 690 Training is a great way to learn 4MAT without ever leaving home. Attend six 90-minute sessions over a period of six weeks to complete the course.

Please learn more on our 4MAT 690 Training Page.

Or download our training flyer to learn more!

4MAT Australia is hosting a 3-Day Mastering Training Design Course in Melbourne this October

4MAT Australia is presenting a 3-Day Mastering Training Design Course from October 13-15, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

In it, you will learn how to use the 4MAT Design Framework to create more dynamic and engaging training.

Learn more on the 4MAT Australia web site.

Paul N Mark hosts 4MAT Trainer Certification in Seoul, South Korea

About Learning is pleased to recognize Paul N Mark for hosting their first 4MAT Trainer Certification last month! A special congratulations to our new 4MAT In House Trainers from Seoul South Korea.

Learn more about Paul n Mark on their web site.

4MAT Denmark Completes 4MAT Mastering Training Design Training for a Large Group of Training and Development Professionals in Copenhagen

About Learning is pleased to recognize 4MAT Group Denmark A/S for hosting 4MAT Mastering Training Design Training last month!

Learn more about 4MAT Denmark on their web site.