4MAT Learning Type Measure

If you want to discover your specific approach to learning, we invite you to take the Learning Type Measure. The LTM is a simple and highly effective self assessment tool for profiling how people approach the process of learning.

LTM NEW GRIDThe LTM depicts the degree of preference that people display towards four very different learning orientations:

1. People-oriented. Likes Personal discussion and dialog. Favorite Question: Why?
2. Information-oriented. Likes analysis and research and learning from experts. Favorite Question: What? 
3. Task-oriented. Likes problems and experiments, putting learning to use in the real world. Favorite Question: How
4. Innovation-Oriented. Likes open-ended explorations and creative possibilities. Favorite Question: What If? 

The LTM Graph examines much more than someone’s dominant approach. It’s four quadrant graph reveals the most, second-most and least preferred approach that people have towards learning.

The Learning Type Measure is based on a thoroughly validated and statistically proven  framework (4MAT) for creating high impact teaching and learning. It is rooted in the work of Carl Jung, Kurt Lewin, David Kolb, Jean Claude Piaget, SampleLtmPlotAlfred North Whitehead, and John Dewey.

Download The Researchers Behind 4MAT Overview to view the theoretical basis of the 4MAT Learning Model. Or Request our LTM  Technical Manual or Presenters Guide to learn more about how to administer and interpret the results from this assessment tool.

Methods of Administration 


When accessed on-line the learning profile is immediately generated upon completion of the assessment.

The LTM can be administered in live workshop settings as a self assessment tool or online, where users use a log-in page to access and take the assessment.


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The LTM will help you understand and appeal to a wider range of students and learn more about your own personal approach to learning. It is a wonderful tool for understanding and recognizing the different ways students learn.

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