4MAT Learning Type Measure

If you want to discover your specific approach to learning, we invite you to take the Learning Type Measure. The LTM is a simple and highly effective self assessment tool for profiling how people approach the process of learning.

LTM NEW GRIDThe LTM depicts people’s preference towards four different learning orientations:

Type 1: People-oriented. Likes Personal discussion and dialog. Favorite Question: Why?
Type 2: Information-oriented. Likes analysis and research and learning from experts. Favorite Question: What? 
Type 3:  Task-oriented. Likes problems and experiments, putting learning to use in the real world. Favorite Question: How
Type 4. Innovation-Oriented. Likes open-ended explorations and creative possibilities. Favorite Question: What If? 

The LTM Graph examines much more than someone’s dominant approach. It’s four quadrant graph reveals the most, second-most and least preferred approach that people have towards learning.

Methods of Administration 

The LTM can be administered in live workshop settings as a self assessment tool, or online  where a log-in page is used to access the assessment.

The online assessment gives students valuable insight into how they learn and the type of learning activities they enjoy the most.

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