Online Assessment Guide

Take (4MAT) Learning Type Assessment Tools Online!   


The Online LTM Profile reveals preferences for 4 different approaches to learning.

More and more teachers and students are accessing and administering our assessment tools online. So, we created a simple 3 -page guide for demonstrating how to access and administer these to a group.

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As an online assessment tool facilitator you can create your own student groups, and automatically view the results from your group for later analysis and reporting. Or to view our step by step access guide, please visit this page. Or download our simple step by step guide to print it out for your easy reference.

People access the test by logging into a web site that guides them in how to take the profile and what the results mean. They can then generate their own personal profile and bring it to class or to a training setting for group discussion and feedback.

A series of reports are available for administrator accounts where the results will quickly display as download Excel files:

  • Learning Types by Person
  • Teaching Styles by Person
  • Leadership Styles by Person
  • Most and Least Preferred Quadrants of Learning

Want to Learn More

Request our Comprehensive Assessment Tools Brochure to learn how to access and administer these tools online along with the numerous resources we offer to help people better understand and manage these differences.