Printed Assessment Tools

The Learning Type Measure (LTM)

The Learning Type Measure (LTM) is one of the most widely used tools in the world for profiling individual approaches to learning. It is an extraordinary tool for maximizing the creative and intellectual potential of your staff. With the LTM’s graphic overlay, you’ll construct easily interpreted representations of your personal strengths and weaknesses as a learner.

ltm-coverThe Learning Type Measure’s 26-point self report questionnaire measures individual preferences for selecting, organizing, prioritizing and representing knowledge, information and experience. It’s designed to help instructors, teachers, learning leaders or trainers…

  • map out strategies for improving individual potential
  • motivate learners with strategies crafted to their unique style
  • identify situations in which different people function most effectively, and
  • profile the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

Research confirms the importance of using learning differences to help broaden instruction to appeal to a fuller range of students.

It is a moral imperative to develop learning environments that support the full range of learner development in culturally and experientially diverse society. This includes the emerging needs of Millennial Learners, those who crave more intuitive and dynamic approaches to learning.

The LTM will help you understand and appeal to a wider range of students and learn more about your own personal approach to learning. It is a wonderful tool for understanding and recognizing the different ways students learn.

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Hemispheric Mode Indicator

With the explosion of research on the positive effects of brain-based learning it is essential for trainers to understand how to develop training strategies that are more compatible with how the brain learns. Research shows that there are two different hemispheric functions and that effective training uses both types of processing strategies, both right mode and left mode. Commonly referred to as right- and left-brain approaches to learning, these two very different functions can form a powerful basis for improving classroom instruction.

And now you can measure individual preferences for these two different processing methods with the Hemispheric Mode Indicator.

HmiCoverThe HMI is a 32-unit self-scoring survey that identifies your preference for either right or left brain processing. Designed for easy scoring and administration, the HMI can be administered in less than 10 minutes. Includes a detailed description of right and left mode characteristics.

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The online HMI is available for $11.50 and is administered through a special web site, where the profile is taken online and resulting data is available for access and use.

Hemispheric Mode Indicator Technical Manual

The HMI Technical manual includes complete analysis of the validity of this instrument as a viable measure for assessing individual preferences for either right or left mode processing.

This manual includes an assessment of the instrument’s reliability in terms of content validity, concurrent validity, and internal consistency.  The HMI Manual also profiles the differences in HMI Scores between  a) males and females, b) individuals with different learning styles (as identified by the Learning Type Measure), different age groups,  in terms of their brain processing preferences, and looks at the frequency distribution of HMI scores among a sample of 1,504 individuals who have taken this test and the Learning Type Measure.

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Student Learning Preferences Survey

Now there’s a way for students to understand how the learning process works with the Student Learning Preferences Survey. This survey is appropriate for middle and high school students and is a wonderful  tool for engaging students in a conversation about    how they learn.

SlpCover.jpgThe SLP includes a simple, self-test instrument for learners to profile their particular approach to learning. It includes information on the different ways people learn along with strategies for helping students   become more responsible for learning.

The SLP will help students…

  • Assess and develop their strengths and weaknesses as learners
  • Develop the full potential of their learning abilities
  • Understand and capitalize on different ways of thinking and learning
  • Identify situations where they learn most effectively
  • Map out strategies for improving their learning potential

In addition to assessing student learning preferences for each of four very different approaches to learning, the SLP offers guidance in insights into the characteristics and learning tendencies of each of the four styles, including Imaginative Learners, Analytic Learners, Common Sense Learners and Dynamic Learners.

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SLP Teacher/Parent Presenter Guide

The SLP Presenter’s Guide gives teachers, educational professionals or parents a number of tools for teaching people to understand and interpret the results from the Student Learning Preferences Survey.

This presenter guide includes a copy of the Student Learning Preferences Survey, a presenter guide for aiding in the interpretation of the instrument and a Power Point show for introducing students to learner differences and the Natural Cycle of Learning.

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Leadership Behavior Inventory

Explore the different ways people manage and lead with the Leadership Behavior Inventory (LBI).

Successful managers understand the different ways people approach learning and problem-solving and work to help understand and accommodate these differences in the workplace.Understanding how you approach the process of managing and leading is essential as you work to navigate and develop a fuller range of learning skills in your staff.

LbiCoverThe Leadership Behavior Inventory is a 15-point, self-administered survey for assessing the degree to which leaders incorporate different aspects of leadership into their management methods. It profiles managers preferences for four very different approaches to managing and leading. It works particularly well, when being used in conjunction with the Learning Type Measure as a comparison between how a manager learns and how they approach the process of managing or leading others.

The LBI is designed to help individuals analyze the patterns of behavior that are most characteristic of their leadership style. It is ideal for a host of training applications, including management skills, teaming, leadership programs, personal development and “the learning organization.”

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Teaching Style Inventory

The Teaching Style Inventory (TSI) is a self-assessment tool that helps teachers identify their teaching style and evaluation priority preferences.By recognizing teaching preferences, the individual can begin to recognize how to modify instruction to reach more students.

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Traveling the 4MAT Natural Cycle

About Learning introduces the Natural Cycle of Learning Tutorial entitled Traveling the 4MAT Natural Cycle. This new interactive tool brings training participants beyond the idea of individual differences by demonstrating how learning styles fit within the larger framework of how people learn. Participants will use this tool to experience the four points of the Learning Cycle and how they all must be honored for learning to be truly successful. This product includes 25 tutorials for helping students experience an interactive exploration of the various elements of the 4MAT Learning Cycle.

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