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LTM Presenters Kit

If you would like to administer the LTM to a group, you will need the LTM Presenter’s Guide. It provides guidance in the scoring, administration and interpretation of the Learning Type Measure.

It includes commonly asked questions and suitable responses regarding various individual LTM scores. LtmPresGuideCover

This trainer’s kit includes:
•    Presenters manual
•    LTM Presenters PowerPoint

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The Visual Explorer: Educator’s Edition

The Visual Explorer: Educator’s Edition is a collection of over 300 high-quality images that help teachers connect learning to students in new and innovative ways. The Visual Explorer is the ideal tool for helping teachers of all levels increase the quality of instruction with visual images and metaphors. All images were carefully chosen to deal with a wide range of topics and to support prominent concepts in education. The images are categorized into a number of groups, including: Courage, Communication, Celebration, Diversity, Earth and Sky, Patterns, Relationships, Signs and Symbols, Solitude, Symmetry and Technology. These concepts wer e drawn from curriculum standards in Art, Literature, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

VisualExplorerPhotoTo support teaching of these key concepts, images are grouped into fifteen different sets. Each set includes between twelve to eighteen images along with 10 suggested classroom activities. These activities are appropriate for students of all ages and support a variety of classroom activities including: high level discussions, research tasks, independent project work and more! Set includes images and Teacher’s Reference Guide.

NEW SIZE! Due to requests from the field, we are pleased to offer a smaller size version of The Visual Explorer: Educator’s Edition. The new images are 5.5″x4.25″ making them more portable and easier to work with at training tables. The quantity and quality of the images remain the same and the very useful Teacher’s Reference Guide is included. If this smaller set would fit your needs and your budget, please order this version.

5.5″x4.25″ size Order code: VISEXP-SM Price: $304.75

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