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Students learn in different ways. And while some of those ways are rewarded, others are stifled or even punished. Which is why there is 4MAT—A proven framework for addressing student learning differences in the classroom.

4MAT is one of the most practical and time tested teaching methods in the world with a 37 year history of performance.  It was created in 1979 by Dr. Bernice McCarthy, an award winning teacher with 25 years classroom experience. Her goal was to create a simple and effective model for teachers that would help them reach out to more students more often.

4MAT can help transform the quality of learning in your organization. For students and teachers alike. 

Why Does it Work?

4MAT helps moves teachers beyond traditional instruction to incorporate more innovative and engaging ways of learning and communicating.  These added elements help teachers address the full range of student learning needs in the classroom. Learn more about 4MAT Model. 

As a framework for learning, it applies to any subject, content or grade level, from grades Kindergarten through College.

So we invite you to learn more about how to become trained.

Or visit our Training Page to explore the numerous options for becoming trained as a 4MAT Teacher or Trainer.

What Teachers and researchers are saying about the 4MAT…

Amy Nowacki with the Cleveland Clinic applied it to her class design and states:

“Before the 4MAT Redesign, the students did not feel that  the course encouraged student participation or discussion but after they felt the exact opposite was true.”

4MAT Model for Learning

From Why to What to How to If? The 4MAT Learning Model

Video interviews from teachers and administrators who are using 4MAT®

Principal, Elementary School, Portage, WI

Staff Development Supervisor, Jefferson County Shools, AL

Teacher Trainer, NC, Vivian Walker

Master Teacher, Nashville, TN

4MAT Video on Yonkers Public Schools Project

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