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While learning may be one of the most natural acts in the world, it is not always clear what path teachers should take to impact student’s the most.

So, if you want practical guidelines for improving the dynamics of learning, this simple book will show you the way.

4MAT Pure and Simple: Learning About Learning will introduce one of the most widely used learning frameworks in the world. It includes an open-ended process for understanding and improving the dynamics of learning.  It also reveals the different journeys people take along the way and how to cultivate a fuller range of learning skills in the classroom.

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4MAT Star Brochure

A Free Guide on to How to Overlay Current Instructional Models on the 4MAT Learning Framework.  Provides a step by step description of how to take current instructional methods and lay them on the 4MAT Framework to help identify any gaps in instruction. 

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Sample 4MAT Designs K-12

Intro to Geometry

The Constitutional Convention: Download PDF

Time Management (Based on Covey Principle of First Things First)

The Scientific Method

Absolute Monarchs

Right and Left Mode Teaching Traits

One aspect of the 4MAT Model is its use of right and left Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.39.14 PM.pngmode teaching methods.

The 4MAT Design encourages teachers to alternate between using both types of methods to ensure high levels of student involvement and engagement.

Download our Right Mode Teaching Checker to assess how well you are tapping into both the analytical (left mode) and intuitive (right mode)  aspects of student learning.

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