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Teaching the Millennial Learner

About Learning is please to announce a new book from Bernice McCarthy: The Learning Cycle, The 21st Century and Millennial Learner.  This book outlines the challenges of teaching Millennial Learners,  people born from 1982 on, and who by the year 2020, will represent 1 out or every 2 working adults.

Dr. McCarthy outlines the many challenges facing educators who are trying to motivate and inspire this new generation of learner—those characterized by civic mindedness, high levels of exploratory knowledge, and an emphasis on learning by doing, and not just listening. Teachers must make major adjustments to   address     the needs of these dynamic learners, including relying much less on textbook knowledge that has no personal meaning and does not connect.

Teaching the Millennial Learner includes chapters on:

  1. The Characteristics ofThe Millennial Learner,
  2. The Natural Cycle of Learning—a model for designing instruction that will motivate and inspire millennials,
  3. 21st Century Learning Skills and Competencies—guidelines for infusing more creative and critical thinking methods into the learning process
  4. Strategies for broadening assessment to move beyond surface level data and increase student responsibility for managing their own learning.

The learner of the future will want to know Why? and What If?

AndThe Learning Cycle,The 21st Century and Millennial Learners will show you how! Want to Learn More? Call About Learning to order at (800) 822-4MAT.  Or order it online. Order   

About Teaching: 4MAT in the Classroom.Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.09.10 PM

By Bernice McCarthy, About Teaching challenges educators to abandon the view of learning as disseminating information and to embrace a wider view of the teaching and learning process. It encourages educators to consider not only what students learn, but how and why they learn. Sample 4MAT Learning Designs are included in this book.

Key topics include:

•the different ways students learn
•the foundations of learning
•The 4MAT Model of Teaching and Learning
•designing instruction to reflect how people learn

About Teaching offers a proven teaching system for infusing the core elements of quality learning into any instructional setting. Through this framework, teachers will learn to create instruction that promotes meaningful and long-lasting learning while giving every student an equal chance to learn.

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Teaching Around the 4MAT Cycle.

TatcCoverFinal.jpgWhat we need to know about our students is not “How much?” intelligence, but “What kind?”

Learning styles are linked to preferences in the ways people perceive and process experience. Bernice McCarthy’s unique 4MAT® cycle is a brain-based teaching method that emphasizes diverse learning styles, honors learner individuality, teaches concepts as well as facts, and improves student thinking and performance on traditional as well as high-stakes assessments.

With 25+ years of field testing and field use supporting its effectiveness, the 4MAT® method uses a 4-quadrant cycle of learning that begins by engaging learners through direct experience, moving them toward: 1. Reflective observation, 2. Abstract conceptualizing, 3. Active experimentation and problem-solving, and 4. Integration of new knowledge and skills.

Learning happens as we unite our experiences and their meaning with actions that test those meanings in the world. This exciting new resource offers schools a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning for students with all learning styles, backgrounds, and preferences.

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4MAT Quadrant Handbook.


This is the ultimate handbook for designing 4MAT units. The 4MAT Quadrant Handbook is a compilation of strategies, best practices, rubrics, scaling criteria and tricks for all four quadrants. It can be used as a coaching tool and as a refresher workshop for those already practicing and using this instructional design model. It was developed for a special 4-day workshop for Ysleta School District in El Paso, Texas.

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