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Lecture Isn’t All Talk                                                                        

Tuesday, November 1, from 3-4:00 CST

Have you been in the middle of a lecture where you could feel the energy leaving the room?  Where people get lost in the sea of details and begin to tune out? If so, please join us on Thursday for Lecture Isn’t All Talk, a free Webinar from About Learning.

This webinar will help move you away from long lectures and one-sided information delivery by presenting a framework for incorporating more creative and dynamic approaches into instruction. The results will be higher motivation, greater transfer, more audience participation, and substantial increases in group interaction and engagement.  

   Lecture Isn’t All Talk Webinar   Tuesday, Nov 1, from 3:00- 4:00 pm CST


8 Steps to Dynamic Instruction

4MAT is a proven model for creating more diverse and inclusive approaches to instruction and this webinar will provide an overview of this dynamic learning model. With just 8 simple steps you will learn how to transform the quality and impact of learning.

We will provide concrete examples of how to redesign learning to make it more dynamic and engaging. Along with simple and effective guidelines for restructuring learning to dramatically increase its impact.


Teaching 21st Century Learning Skills

Knowledge is doubling every 2-3 years. And the skills of high performance learning are now more important than ever. Skills like leveraging expertise, adapting to new and uncertain circumstance and communicating for impact. The 4MAT Model provides a tool for building more effective learning and for addressing the four Cs including Communicating, Critical Thinking, Collaborative Problem Solving and Creativity.