4MATION: 4MAT Design Software

4MAT Design Software includes a wealth of instructional ideas—all authored by master 4MAT teachers. It is a powerful tool for creating, sharing and developing high impact instruction.

Hundreds of 4MAT Design Examples from all subjects and grade levels are available at the touch of a button. Its extensive database of 4MAT Designs makes it easy to access and find lessons by subject, concept, or grade level.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.56.08 PMAnd the 4MAT Designs all follow the 4MAT Why, What, How and What If Framework. So you are assured they will raise student involvement and engagement in learning.

See something you like? Just select the duplicate command to copy a lesson to your desktop. For immediate adaptation and use.

Online guidance in the 4MAT Design and video tutorials on how to create and develop high impact instruction are also included.

Along with streaming videos on how to design and develop more engaging teaching and learning.

Online Assessment Tools are accessible via the the Online Assessments Tab. Or access the 4MAT 4 Algebra, 4MAT 4 Geometry and 4MAT 4 Biology in the Lesson Collections Tab.

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