4MAT 4 Biology

4MAT 4 Biology Teacher’s Guide

BiologyTeachersBkThis 168 page Teacher’s Guide includes comprehensive guidance in how to orchestrate 4MAT 4 Biology in the classroom. 4MAT 4 Biology includes ten over-arching concepts to give students more meaningful and interactive ways that promote real world application and use. The corresponding Biology content is then nested into these larger concepts to help students make stronger connections to content.

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4MAT 4 Biology Student Activity Book

BiologyStudentBook.jpgThe Student Activity Book is 273 page book that provides scores of ideas for engaging students in more meaningful tasks that involve the use of biology. This book is not intended to replace your textbook, but rather to provide teachers with numerous ideas for creating more engaging activities for students in learning the content. Your content stays the same and we give you guidance in how to get students more involved in learning.

You will be amazed at how students respond to these interactive and dynamic projects, exercises and connecting activities.

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