4MAT 690 Training

Learn to Create more dynamic and engaging instruction!

The path to instructional excellence begins with 4MAT 690 Training—a new online course for learning the principles of 4MAT.  4MAT 690 Training is a whole new way of learning 4MAT online with a highly interactive and technology driven approach to training teachers, administrators and instructors to create more dynamic teaching and learning for students. This course trains you to a become a 4MAT teacher, in-house coach or instructional leader.

4MAT 690 Training includes a full complement of tools and resources. You’ll gain access to online assessment tools, attend six, 90-minute online training sessions, obtain a 1-year subscription to 4MATION® Software* and receive two separate books, including Teaching Around the 4MAT Cycle and the 4MAT Quadrant Handbook. Note: This course is held in six consecutive weeks with each session recorded for later access and viewing.

*4MATION is an online tool for creating and sharing 4MAT wheels on the web. It includes video and step by step tutorials on how to design high impact instruction and includes hundreds of 4MAT design examples for immediate inspiration or adaptation.

Special Note: Completion of 4MAT 690 Training qualifies you to attend 4MAT Advanced Trainer Certification in Chicago.

Training Session Times and Dates:

4MAT 690 includes six 90-minute live sessions and our next session starts January 22, 2019

Sessions are held on Tuesdays from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm CST in six weeks as follows: 

January 22, 29 and February 5, 12, 19, 26

All sessions are recorded, so if you have a scheduling conflict, you can listen to the live streaming recording to catch up or to review the content from the prior session.

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Cost To Attend

4MAT 690 Training costs just $800  per teacher to attend, and this includes six live sessions with our master presenters, 1-year access to the 4MATION Online Lesson Planning System, a copy of Teaching Around the 4MAT Cycle, a copy of The 4MAT Quadrant Book, with great strategies for enhancing instruction around the 4MAT wheel, and access to our online assessment tools that are used as part of the course, including the Learning Type Measure, Teaching Style Inventory and Hemispheric Mode Indicator.

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AdamsStateLogoGraduate and CEU Credit is also available from Adams State University for an additional fee. View the Adams State Course Registration Page to learn more. 

About The Presenter 

Dr. Bernice McCarthy is a renowned author and lecturer on the art of effective instruction. She has authored numerous books on improving the process of teaching and learning, including The 4MAT System, About Teaching, About Learning, Teaching Around the 4MAT Cycle, and Hold On You Lost Me: Using Learning Styles to Create Training that Sticks. Her latest book is about using a balanced teaching system to better teach 21st Century Students—those who want to know Why and What If? and not just What? and How? Her passion is in teaching teachers how to broaden instruction to reach out to more students, including those who are often disenfranchised by more traditional forms of instruction.

Course Materials

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Session by Session Workbooks are delivered online to help guide people through 4MAT 690 Principles.

Want to register by phone? Just call us toll free at (800) 822-4MAT We would love to hear from you! Or use the following link to download our registration form.

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Comments from Training Participants

“The information gleaned from this course has potential for improving learning across our university system in a way that could improve student persistence to a college degree. Persistence to a college degree is a top priority of the university system’s strategic plan.”

“I found this course to be very well organized and informative. The combination of lecture, blog and 4MAT website reached all our learning styles and demonstrated how easy it is to incorporate them into our instruction!”

“The online course makes training more possible because it saves on cost (no travel, etc.), is much more convenient, and still retains its quality.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Just reading the material would not have given me any of the important experiences that I was able to receive as a result of the webinar/meeting forum.”

“It is so important for teachers to understand their classroom habits —  namely their strengths and weaknesses around the 4MAT learning cycle.”

“Traditional instruction is at the bottom of the wheel, and there is no attempt to connect the student to the information and now way for students to extend what they are learning into their lives.  Creating lesson plans around the 4MAT wheel helps teachers better account for these elements and which has a very positive impact on student participation and enjoyment.”

4MAT 690 TRAINING Includes Option for Graduate and or CEU Credit

Graduate and CEU Credit is available for 4MAT 690 Training through Adams State University.

Please call About Learning at (800) 822-4MAT to learn more